Immersive solutions for healthcare and well-being

Softcare Studios is a digital health company applying immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality and innovative data tracking methods to support the quality of life of patients and increase the efficiency of healthcare interventions.

About Our Company

gestione del dolore senza farmaci

We provide a growing portfolio of VR experiences aimed at providing relief from pain and stressful emotions associated with critical medical procedures and the clinical setting, simplifying patient management by healthcare operators.

Currently present in more than 20 hospitals, we’re developing new solutions optimized to match the needs of new target patients and clinical settings.

Our Products & Services

VR Products

Our portfolio of VR experiences is designed based on scientific evidence, the expertise of the medical staff, and the feedback collected from patients and their caregivers.


Softcare Studios is open to consulting initiatives and as a technological partner, already supporting third party companies in the understanding and responsible application of XR technologies in their target settings, contributing in the design of new immersive solutions and development of effective strategy for their implementation.


Softcare Studios is actively involved in educational and training initiatives focused on the applications of XR technologies in healthcare and well being.

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